Savannah, Georgia Book Signings

Recently, I traveled to Savannah, Georgia for two books signing events for The Cast Net. I had great success at both signings: The first at the classy boutique, Go Fish, on Broughton Street, and later in the day at Savannah’s Ladies Night Out. Many thanks to Julie Breedlove, Kim Taylor and Debbie Ryysylainen . . . what a wonderful experience!

The following day, I explored Savannah’s riverfront, and walked along Bull Street to Forsyth Park. The grand homes in that area are breathtaking. I even saw the mansion that General William T. Sherman used as his headquarters during the Federal occupation of Savannah during the waning months of the American Civil War.

I was intrigued by the mysterious Bonaventure Cemetery. The river front setting and ornate grave markers added to the mystery of the property. I wandered through the graveyard and thought of the people who lay underneath those solemn grounds. The statue of Gracie, the little girl who passed away at age six, following a bout of pneumonia, was spellbinding!

What a wonderful adventure: Successful book signings combined with exploring the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia!